Ziggy Has Her First Sex Encounter

How about this teenager for a change. She is truly verified to be 18 years old. Even our fancy machine told us so. We really do have to double check these things, tehre are tons of girls who try to get itno this club who are 19 or 20 years old. You wouldn’t believe the number of 21 year olds passing themselves off as 18 yr old teens. Anyways, after we verified her age, she told us a secret, this would be her first sex encounter. Well what an honor, so here she was, sitting before us, waiting to be fucked for the first time. How was her first sex? Well it was alright for her, but great for us.

1 thought on “Ziggy Has Her First Sex Encounter

  1. i while want that machine, it is the kind of machine i can have in my house, so when i fuck a chick, i can prove she’s legal.

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