Eager Beaver Teen Chastity Lyn

This teen went right at it. She didn’t know that we usually have an interview process and we want to get to know a little more about her first but she just wanted cock and wanted it badly. She said fuck the foreplay I want dick. Well we were not going to stop her at this point since she was a woman with a drive, with one thing on her mind. S oshe went for it and ripped off this guys pants and went for the big dick. She was not about to tease for too long, she wanted it in her pussy. She had to suck him off first. After she did that, she pulled her pants down and bent over and said, okay, you can fuck me in the pink pussy now, buddy.

2 thoughts on “Eager Beaver Teen Chastity Lyn

  1. she look like virgin, like she doesnt know what the fuck to do. With thte 18 year od I been with over my time, they are not all likethat, some are really fast to get busy. this one seems scared to try the penis.

  2. She went right at it too, that’s what I like in a woman. That they take command. That they like to control.

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